"The Descent of Inanna" Photo-book
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"The Descent of Inanna" Photo-book

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ミラ嶺花と豹凛の共同プロデュース「イナンナの冥界下り」公演の 24ページのフルカラー写真集。 (English below) サイズ:A4・24ページ 写真集作成:Azuma Gaku 写真:Masashi Fujisawa 2019年4月10日より限定販売 Photos from "An Adaption of The Descent of Inanna" -ーco-produced kinbaku & dance performance piece by Milla Reika & Felineー complete in one 24 page full-color A4 photo-book. Available for overseas shipping (free of charge) Read more here: https://www.reika-kinbaku.net/descent-of-inanna-eng Photo-book Design:Azuma Gaku Photography:Masashi Fujisawa